Service - Steel Structures and Building and Construction Works

Construction works are performed either in accordance with the investor’s original design,or in the case of the preliminary design, we perform the completion of the design.

We also apply the ’turnkey’system, including all the works concerning the preparation of the ground, concrete-steel fixer works, construction works, electrical insulation, wall painting and floor and wall tiling works,...

We manufacture steel industry halls in the shape of steel construction using rolled- steel sections(L,U,I), cold rolling sections HOP (L,U,C,E), and also closed and solid sections coated with industrial resistant paints. We also perform coating with fire resistant polish.

The steel structures are coated and covered with moulded sheet metal or thermal insulation sandwich panels ( fire resistant if necessary).

The construction of elements of industry halls may be done by welding or by putting appropriate boards or screw connections.

We perform construction, reconstruction and modification of business , industrial or agricultural buildings:

We manufacture the insulation elements made of galvanized sheet metal or polyurethane panels for air distribution.